Mourinho should be blamed for Lukaku’s underperformance



Man chester United hasnt had the best of the season, as the red devil’s have both struggled to mentain and climb the table. So far the team remain 7th in the EPL standing following a bad start this year.

In this view the Uniteds boss has been brought to book for the underperformance of some players with key roles in the team. With Romelu being the prime of the debate.

So far lukaku started the season with a remarkable play  having 4 goals to his name already before suddenly dropping in productivity. He hasn’t been able to score since September and has been shuffling the sidelines and games. Also missing out against Everton and Manchester City.

Chelsea’s former striker Tony Cascarino, believes Lukaku’s sluggish performance is from not getting enough recovery time after the Summers World Cup.

He further mentioned the Chelseas boss Sarri’s actions giving him cudos on handling Hazard, Lukaku’s fellow team mate during the world cup as a strategy to have been emulated by Mourinho.

“I watched Belgium play Brazil in the quarter-finals and it was clear that Romelu and Eden were giving their absolute all,” he said in The Times .

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hazard work so hard in a game.

“Fast-forward to the start of the season and he was eased into the Chelsea line-up by Maurizio Sarri, playing 14 minutes in their first game against Huddersfield Town and then 29 minutes against Arsenal.

“Sarri realised that Hazard needed a rest so he took him out of the firing line.

“The same cannot be said for Jose’s management of Lukaku.”

“He came on as a substitute in their opening match against Leicester City but then played every minute of their next 12 matches, despite his form wavering and him looking short of fitness,” added Cascarino, who played for Chelsea between 1992 and 1994.

“Modern-day players do everything they can to be as fit as possible and, because they work so hard during the week and in matches, injuries become inevitable.

“Someone has to step in and protect players when they are with their clubs, the manager or the medical team.

“It is no surprise that the three unbeaten teams this season are ones at which the managers are juggling their squads.

“Sarri has used Hazard wisely, Pep Guardiola has rotated his Manchester City midfield to keep them fresh and, at Liverpool, Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum have been outstanding.”

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